Matt's Poetry

Matt writes poems for adults and children, for publication and performance. He enjoys writing all sorts of poems - serious, silly, sharp, funny, reflective and joyous. Here are a few examples.

Where Candlenights Flicker: (for Arkwright’s Cotton Mill, Derbyshire):

Imagine the valley before the mill,
the river’s rush with its own free will.
Here comes the wheel, here come the people.

On Shakespeare receiving the Evaluation Forms after the First Performance of King Lear:

For Shakespeare’s brows knitted fiery tempests
when he was handed the evaluation forms
by his Arts Development Officer.


“I will not fall in love, I will
not fall in love” he keeps saying,
remembering all his yesterdays,

Oxfam Diary versus Android:

Busy professionals, we play it happily
(professionals, is that more irony?)
scrolling down and flicking speedily,

Sky's Daughter:

If you walk into mist a story begins
If you eat snow snowmen appear in your dreams
If you see a whale in a pond it’s time to wake up


Golden slices of tastey toast
White toast, Marmite toast
Always tastes just right toast

“Fine memorable genuine and unpretentious poetry inclusive of all and sundry, and a mighty welcome contribution to the canon of contemporary good stuff!”
Ray Hearne, Songwriter and Poet